Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Calais diary, Oct 6 - A journey begins

Traveling is easy, so easy... Everything sorts itself out! It's fun too. You become alive... If I had to do it on horse back, I would still travel around the world.

But I don't, of course, I fly with Ryanair. There are no stables with the apartment I rent, just a parking lot. There are no rest stops for horses along the way, with fodder and water troughs, only gas stations. And no sailing ships to cross the oceans with... Hardly even ferries anymore... There are only airplanes. So I go by airplane. And ruin the planet. But look selfishly forwards to once again living the ancient human dream of being carried by the air, way above the clouds...

Perhaps it's deranged to be feeling this light and happy, when traveling to the deep despair in an illegal refugee camp... but I do. I do.

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