Saturday, 15 October 2016

Calais diary, 11 Oct - Some reflections

Still feeling light and happy at heart. I'm surrounded by a warm, soft and loving bunch of friends and soul mates... It is wonderful.

I met a German yesterday, a bit older than most people here, 28 years, with dreads, who said that in a way she thinks that we who are here are passive. We try and clean up the rubble of what our governments destroy, but we should try and stop them from destroying it in the first place! But I said that I believed many here have done what I have: Tried to influence our governments and populations, but beaten ourselves bloody against the wall, given up and said to ourselves:
"Ok, enough of this. Now I'll just be cleaning up the rubble instead..."

On the other hand, we'll never give up. Because we can't, not until we give up our breath. And coming here, to this massive trail of rubble, that we all know exists but that we otherwise never see, except from a distance, and start cleaning up in the outskirts of it, is a way of gaining energy to keep fighting again afterwards. Because all who are here feel the same way! We may have different thoughts and opinions about stuff, but we feel the same way.

This is the real life. At home it's just pretending. You can go on living and fighting in the pretended life for a while, so long as you remember that there is a reality out there, outside of this bubble! And that that's what you're fighting for.

(To be continued)

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