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Our greatest security threat - the USA

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Me: The US is the greatest threat against our security. Yes or no?

Them: No

Me: I had a hunch you would say that. But what else would it be?

Them: Russia, if we are to point out a certain country. Otherwise I would say poverty and social conflicts in Sweden, Europe and the Middle East. But it also depends on how you define security.

Me: If we skip Russia for one moment...

You are aware that the food produced today is enough to feed all people on the earth, right? The reason why people still go hungry is that it's being wasted with by the rich. And who is the greatest waster? Exactly: The US

Our future poverty will be caused by a ruined/depleted planet. Who is the greatest environment destroyer? The US

Who is the greatest obstacle against peace in the Middle East? Who has been blocking every single UN convention against Israel, that didn't dutifully mention that 'Palestine is guilty too'? Who has consequently taken Israel's side, regardless of what baffling assaults and crimes against international law they commit? Of course: The US

...Now if we would pay a little revisit to Russia, at least it would be a lot easier for the rest of us to put pressure on Russia to disarm and join peaceful methods, if our greatest buddy the US wouldn't be so stubborn that THEY of course be allowed to use whatever violence and undemocratic, unlawful methods they want... This goes of course for all traditional US opposition. All the talk about international law and human rights become pure hipocrisy to them, so long as we simultaneously allow the US to go on ravaging like they do.

Q.E.D. - Which was to be proven!

Me: Do you approve that I use this sms exchange in a blog text? :)

Them: Sure, without the mentioning of my name...

Me: I wasn't planning to use your name. :)

Me: Btw: The US COULD use their enormous superiority in power to STOP all violence! (Instead of legitimizing it, like they do. Not to mention how they legitimize unlawful detention, executions and of course torture.) They could go into every armed conflict and interrupt it! Force the parts to the negotiation table!

Now I wouldn't exactly want a particular country to have that role. I would much rather see a more democratic world police. Like the UN. Preferably even more democratic than that - an organisation where the people rule rather than nations - but by all means, the UN is a lot better than none! And then we ask ourselves: Who is the greatest blocker of the UN? Naturally... the US! I have a report about all the ways in which they have obstructed the work of the ICC for example, linked to somewhere in my blog. (see sources by the end of this text, editor's note)

Violence is the greatest threat to our security. Law and justice is our shield against the violence. Violence gives birth to violence, and thus the US is the greatest birth-giver of violence, both by their use and by their legitimization of large quantities of violence. Simultaneously they are, without a doubt, the greatest blocker of international law.

(Even all conflicts in Africa can in one way or another be linked back to the US, even though Europe (and Russia) have our dirty fingers deep into that honeypot too...)

Me: It would feel even better i you said: "Right! You've got a point there actually!"...

Them: Of course you've got a point! But it doesn't feel like you really hit the nail, still. "All conflicts in Africa"... "without a doubt, the greatest blocker"... Hmmm! :-\


They resists! :) They always does. But please read the Wikipedia-article: United States and the United Nations, and hopefully you will still find e.g. these quotes:

"since 1989 the U.S. government has dissented against security council resolutions on 12 occasions out of 17 total instances when a permanent member vetoed. Of these 12 occasions, only two related to issues other than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

"Since 1985 the U.S. Congress has refused to authorize payment of the U.S. dues, in order to force UN compliance with U.S. wishes, as well as a reduction in the U.S. assessment."

(The above quoted article has a lot of [citation needed] but still.)

Also I'd very much invite you to read the book Sveriges Afrikanska krig (Sweden's African wars) by the journalist Bengt Nilsson, which deals mostly with how Sweden, through its foreign aid, keeps never-ending wars alive in Africa. But in a passage it also describes how the battle between socialism and capitalism has made external entities (Sweden, Russia, the US,...) become 'supporters' of a kind, of certain regimes or guerrilla movements in Africa, providing them with weapons and aid, so that socialism/capitalism will prevail. "The idea of 'The Righteous War'", he writes. Of course it is also of importance that Africa has rich natural resources, such as gold, diamonds, rain-forest, a good climate for coffee and tea etc, and those whose "team" wins has therefore a lot to gain for themselves. It's a bit of 'the tragedy of the commons': If we don't do it, somebody else will, and takes home the reward.

Hear my words: If we are to have a positive development in the world, we have to formulate our goals accordingly! Foreign aid, as well as military interventions, must be based on objective, quantitative premises, such as basic human rights. US interventions to allegedly protect human rights (e.g. against Saddam Hussein, or the Syrian gas attack) have no effect on the matter, since they are not consistent. We all know that at the same time they allow Israel to commit as bad assaults as Hussein, if not worse! The conclusion must be that there is no point in respecting human rights. Instead it's much better to remain friendly with the US. Or to manage to stand up to them. Then this is the world we get.

It is us, the people, who have to be consistent with what we want. If we want human rights, then this is what we have to support, always! If instead we want power for ourselves and/or the US, and we don't care what assaults and murders are found in our rear water... well, then we can just continue like today.

Sources and further reading:
Wikipedia - United States and the United Nations (quoted in the text)
Wikipedia - United States withdrawal from the United NationsSvenska Freds - Review of Sveriges Afrikanska krig (I disagree with Svenska Freds here! Interrupt all foreign aid to countries that violate human rights, and of course take it up again when these human rights are again being met. THEN it's highly likely that these human rights will suddenly start to be met...! There is no excuse for "at least doing something" if your "something" does harm instead of good.)
Sofia Haraldsson, Lund's university - Internationella brottmålsdomstolen – en garanti för rättvisa? (mentioned in the text) Treating all the ways in which the US has obstructed the work of ICC, among others. 

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