Thursday, 31 October 2013

My plea for Chelsea Manning

Dear Maj. #Gen_Buchanan,

I plead to you kindly, to reduce the sentence of Chelsea Manning. As a Swede, where whistleblowers have recently been receiving a stronger and stronger protection through new laws (Lex Sarah and Lex Maria), I find it chocking and appalling that Chelsea Manning be imprisoned at all, for an act which was clearly aimed to be in the service of the public. An act which I also feel largely WAS in the service of the public!

Of course, it would have served us better if authorities had taken their responsibility seriously, and made somebody have to answer for the crimes that young Ms Manning exposed! It is a great disappointment to me that this yet has not happened. The fact that Ms Manning has been sentenced to pay such a dear price for her service to us, under these circumstances, is spitting in our face! (And yes, I do consider myself part of the public that Ms Manning's brave action served. National borders are unimportant in these issues of human rights, and crimes of war.)

Therefore I beg you again, please reduce Chelsea Manning's sentence!

Yours sincerely,
Karolina Hagegård

Last day to write and send in your letters now!
I will of course post my own, in signed paper format, during the day. The address is:

Private Manning Support Network
484 Lake Park Ave, #41
Oakland, CA 94610

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