Monday, 19 November 2012

Fiery speach on the International Men's Day

Happy Men's Day, all men! :) This fiery speech is for you.

I wouldn't want to celebrate the International Men's Day by pointing out any "uniquely manly" qualities that make them special and likable. That is just stereotypical and unfair on those who don't fit the model. (Like everyone.) I would, however, like to honour all men by bringing up some of the injustices that they are subjected to:

- Men still die most from wars.
(See Male Victimhood in Armed Conflict, article by conflict researchers)

- Men die most from murders (in most countries, if also not all).

- Men die most from suicides (in most countries, though not all). This has to do with the fact that although men are less often depressed, they lack social sort, don't seek professional help etc, and therefore often sink deeper.
(See graphics on Fathers For Life)

- Men die younger (in ALMOST all countries..., though not all), due to a long list of cultural, social and life style factors. (...And the occasional biological factor as well.)
(See Wikipedia - List of countries by life expectancy)

- Men are, on top of this, always accused of being the guilty half; guilty of wars, violence, sex offences and gender discrimination. And even though there may be some statistical truth in that, it must be tiring for the individual to always be guilty, regardless what you do and what you don't do. And... in the end you might ask yourself what is the chicken and what is the egg here...!

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